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Thursday, May 27, 2010


"Declan" Albun (2002)
"Thank You" Albun (2006)
"You and Me" Album (2007)
"Thank You/You and Me" Double Album (2008)

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Declan Galbraith "You and Me" Album released 2007-11-23 in Germany
record label: Lama Ani

Track Listing
01-You and Me (L)
02-Leavin' Today (L)
03-Ego You (L)
04-I Think I Love You (L)
05-I Do Love You (L)
06-Nothing Else Matters (L)
07-Missing You (L)
08-Everybody Tells Me (L)
09-Moody Blues (L)
10-Sister Golden Hair (L)
11-Maybe (L)
12-Everything's Gonna Be Alright (L)
13-Ruby Tuesday(L)
14-I'd Love You To Want Me(L)
15-The Living Years (L)
16-I'm Crying For You (L)
17-Guardian Angel" (Christmas bonus track) (L)

Declan Galbraith "Thank You" Album released December 1st 2006 in Germany
record label: Lama Ani

Track Listing
01-An Angel (L)
02-Love Of My Life (L)
03-Nights In White Satin (L)
04-Tears In Heaven (L)
05-Bright Eyes(L)
05-House Of The Rising Sun(L)
07-Saved By The Bell (L)
09-David's Song (Who'll Come With Me) (L)
09-All Out Of Love (L)
10-How Could An Angel Break My Heart(L)
11-Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) (L)
12-Only One Woman (L)
13-The Last Unicorn (L)
14-Sailing (L)
15-Where Did Our Love Go (L)

"World" (unreleased bonus track) (L) (This track is only available on the USA-edition of the album "Thank You" Release 2008-02-17)

"Declan" Album released 2002-09-22 Great Britain
record label: EMI

Track Listing
01-Danny Boy (L)
02-Carrickfergus (L)
03-Imagine (L)
04-I'll Be There (L)
05-It All Begins With Love (L)
06-Your Friend (L)
07-Love Can Build A Bridge(L)
08-Mama Said (L)
09-Till The Day We Meet Again(L)
10-Amazing Grace (L)
11-Circles In The Sand (L)
12-Angels (L)
13-Tell Me Why(L)
14-Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" (Declan's Prayer)(L)


Single "Ego You" released 2007-11-16
record label: Lama Ani

Track Listing
01-Ego you(L)
02-Moody blues(L)
03-Everything's gonna be alright(L)
04-More than I can say (Unreleased)(L)

Single "Love of My Life" released 2007-03-23
record label: Lama Ani

Track Listing
01-Love of my life(L)
02-Love of my life (Jeo's Mix)
03-An angel(L)
04-My girl (Unreleased)(L)
05-Love of my life (Video)

"Tell Me Why" released September 22nd 2002,
EMI Records

Track Listing
1- Tell me why Declan & The Young Voices Choir(L)
2- I'll be there(L)
3- New Year song 2003(L)
4- Tell me why (video)

"Christmas Hits-50 Festive Favourites"

released 2001, featuring Declan singing "Walking in the Air"
(Track 21 on Disc 2)

Track 21
Walking In The Air(L)

Other songs sung by Declan

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