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Monday, May 3, 2010

Declan Galbraith - interview -2007

Declan Galbraith - 2007. interview

"The first kiss I get was from my Mom, I haven't time for girlfriends.
And I'm too busy with my music. We can't have a special type of girl, it
depends more of the character, the personality, that's most important.
First I see the eyes and the laughter. When they made me laugh, that's good. "

part two

(During the show Dec has been in friendship with the girl of the TV ballet,
but there isn't more.)

"You know, in England it is forbidden at my age."

(So the girls have to be patient.)

"Every night after the show I get much post and gifts from my fans.
This one I haven't opened yet, what is it? I'm a little bit curious what
is in it, let see... Oh, this is a football DVD, "Germany, a summertale",
great, here is also the famous piece of paper from Lehmann in it, that's great.

part three

The girl who gave me this present must know me a bit and know I'm a Lehmann fan.
He plays for my team Arsenals. Great. "

(Declan will only sing of his love of his life a long while.)


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