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Monday, May 3, 2010

What Ego You Is About

Jonas Groth has been so kind to us on FOD! He has shared some really interesting facts about the song "Ego You" Enjoy reading!
Source: Friends of Declan (FOD)

Hey ya'll!

Irene asked me what Ego You is about, and here it comes:

Ego You was written after some rather unpleasant episodes with some people who were
supposed to be close, faithful friends, although they turned out the opposite. Also,
the song was written right around the 4th anniversary of the September 11th attack on
the United States of America.

It's mainly about egocentric actions performed by people who are the only ones that
can't really see that they are in fact egocentric. Actions with consequences that
ultimately become destructive for those who perform them, while those who are good,
kind, merciful exit the situations with their pride in tact and with pure hearts...

"In pain you seek all that you need
When'd you decide?
When all is said and done
You'd laugh it off and run"

(some people actually spend a lot of time and energy on being mean and bad to others,
just to satisfy their own ego's. And when they are being confronted with this, they
just "laugh it off" and pretend they still have their pride, and that they did nothing
wrong. Ultimately they end up running away from their own mistakes)

"In time you'll see, what you kept from me
I should have known
We could have made it through
But that's just Ego You"

(The ones acting that way will (some day) realize that it would've been best to tell the
truth, be humble and admit to their own mistakes. Cause in my opinion, NOTHING is so bad
that it can't at least be forgiven or made right, if we just talk about it. But
unfortunately not everybody shares this belief.)

"Time will show and time will tell
What you need to make it well
Time will show I know
If I let you go"

(I don’t wanna be like them (eye for an eye and all that), but eventually it’s become too
much. I’m not angry or annoyed off in any way. I’m just disappointed and I have no more
energy to supply these relationships. I have my own problems, issues and things to worry
about, so I need to let them go. (Notice that I say "IF" in the lyrics, not "SO", cause
it’s unbelievably hard to let go of the ones you love and care about, no matter how much
you feel they’ve hurt you. That is why I say "IF I let you go...", cause it’s not a given
thing to actually manage to do that.) Time will show what they should do/ should’ve done
to make things right)

"Through all your life all filled with strife
All you desire
Has been torn up in two
Because of Ego You"

(These people destroy so much for themselves. Instead of gaining respect and love from they
actions, they actually push away the people they love; again because of their egocentric

Well, well… That must have been the longest thesis over a simple pop song. I don’t usually
have THAT much meaning in my lyrics, but this one actually means a lot for/to me. I am
excessively positive person. I see positive factors in EVERYTHING!!!!!!! No matter how
tragic a situation is, it always carries a hint of something positive with it. Either
through experience or actual consequences (oh dear, I’m getting way in over my head here.

I also think that the producers of the video managed to bring out a lot of what I mean,
with one of the Declan characters (the one who doesn’t sing) who doesn’t think about
anyone besides himself. He bumps in to people, without any thinking about the ones he
just bumped into for no apparent reason. He doesn’t help the ones who need help (like
the Orange lady) etc etc...

I really hope this helped you with the meaning of the song. And I hope you all enjoy the
song and of course the rest of Declan’s album (even though I didn’t write any of the
other songs HAHAHAHA).
Have a nice day!

Let there be love...
Jonas Groth

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