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Friday, March 5, 2010

Declan Galbraith " Interview " NDR TV 29 February 2008 No.1

Everywhere they just call him the vocal miracle from england.

M- Declan is there- Hello - cordial welcome
Dec- tank you vry much

M -Have you ever made in attempt in your young life to submerge?
D- well it's funny my Dad was at the Navy when he was younger, he was
4 years on vesseis and then 8 years on submarines so really submerged
and once when we passed the sportspark near to where we live he said
let's take some diving lessons, let's do that together and he convinced
me and it was really only an indoor pool but it was really funny
they taught us all the signals and like they said it's an amazing
feeling to be under water even it's only a pool so to be submerged
as long as possible is an amazing feeling, and we also takked about
Rugen where I made one of my music videos, I was not under water but
it was a great place.

M- the next step is the ocean, out of the pool and into the ocean
but now we dive together into your life your carreer.

Get the young English! Wizard tranee Harry potter put beforewith saggy
hair and Bambi eyes vocal talent Declan is now fascinating all hearts
In Germany are the most loyal fans of the smat teenager no wonder
his charm is stunning and transforms even hit star Mary Rose into
a flapper.
R- mery what have you whispered to him?
Mary- the first sentence a teenage boy gets to konow is
"Iloveyou" isnt it? No?
mary- i love you- no - not me I- mean
R´-you wont get out of this anymore!

D- that is the Reichstag

Berlin and Declan are well connectd- here the music videos for his
new album are produced. In the streets of the capital the one man
boy group ecstasises the perky Berlin females.
success all along the line- on stage with Elton John- gold for first
allbum. even the Queen is doting for Declan's songs all the hype can
become too much sometimes. He's growing up - now Declan's hearable
change from smooching singer to popstar.

R- the popstar! Declan is that correct popstar because I've listened to
the CD and there're also some rocky songas on it is it more a rockstar
or a popstar?
D- well I woundn't really choose to put into a category like popstar or
rockstar that was a natural change and the company also consent so for
me as human this was only natural and as artist too and rock yes I've
always loved rock music that's the kind of music my father taught me
because of that I wanted a good balance older music but also new things
and I think we managed that very well this crossover.

R- now on yor new album you've written an own song you've been playing
guitar for two years at the beginning you've broken your fingers now
it's working quite well Moody Blues what background is there for this
D- Well i started playing as you said guitar two maybe a bit longer
two and a half years ago and most people when they learn guitar
first listen to the music of others. I did that too but after I
learned the first accord I said I'd like to write my own song,
I'llmake something and then I got started I've experimented as
much as I could and Moody blues was really the first complete
song I wrote and the company said it's great so we really put it
on the album and I'm really proud of that.

R- You're often in Germany you've many fans here and we've already
seen the shootings for your new videos were taken place in Berlin
al last most of them. Could you say again the big building you
stand in front of what was it called?
D- And that is the reichstag!

R- Before I undestoond the Ricetag, I thought you get rice there.
Is German a difficult language for you?
D- I tink it is and isn't. I mean it's prolly the same for German
people to learn English

R´- No haha
D- well I tink we as a country are maybe a bit lazy in learning
languages. The number of German people who can speak English is
really amazing, at the very first day here there were a lot of
Gremans who talked to us in a perfect English and then uoy feel
a bit small and inadequate. For me the articultion is very
difficult but I try my best.

R- I tink you are doing well I guess for your family it's also
nice they like coming to Germany and in the meantime you are
able to play tour guide for many German cities.
D- well yeah tour guide. I dont know about that but several
family members acutally came to Berlin when I worked here and
then I did show them some things "Checkpointcharty" for example so
the big historical buildings and I love Berlin but also Hamburg
we're here in hamburg it's also a great place you know the whole
city is based around the lake.

R- we have to talk about two more things. First is football you
like it you play during your shooting breaks, now I have to say
sorry England is not participating in the European Championship
it's a pit has that been hard for you as football fan?
R- i woundn't say it was terrible. I mean i wasn't like crying
at last not the whole time. it was bad.

R- So I'd say we'll meet again at the next worldcup and the next
thing is you're traveling much you certainly miss a lot of things
with your buddies the first beer the first moped riding on the
roads and the first big love- now you've been in Berlin a longer
time and we've seen there have been many girls around. have you
found someone?
D- no not in Berlin
R- Not in Berlin so where then?

R- But the time is prolly running out. isnt it?
D- Under water maybe. No not a romance I really like Berlin but
there's so much work and I have to go where the work is.

R- So now naturally want to hear your work you haven't recorded
yor album for nothing and of course we wat to hear a title now.
thank you for all information you gave us and now you can take off
the translator and go on your stage. So Declan applause for
your way to the stage we'll see him of course.


Declan FHR interview

On December 19th, 2007, FHR Radio in coordination with the Friends of Declan message
board presented the Declan Birthday Jam which was composed of an entire hour of our
broadcast dedicated to UK Singer Declan Galbraith.