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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pictures VI Declan Chat in Germany

Declan: hello
Fan: how are u
Declan : (hat was gesagt von wegen das es ihm sehr gut geht^^ hab den beitrag leider gelöscht gehabt... deswegen nich wortwörtlich.... sry.... der rest aber wieder wörtlich^^)
Fan: have you a girl friend
Declan: No I havnt but Im open to offers:-)
Fan: I heard that you learn german.Thats great. Do you like the german language and is it difficult for you to learn?
Declan: I like the German language alot but I do struggle
Fan: the german song that you sing,was this live perfoment or playback?
Declan: No this was live (also lüge kanner nicht gut....)
I-wer fragte dann wo er gerade is...
Declan: Im staying in vienna at the moment
Declan: Im only in vienna for a couple of days
Fan: who is your favourite star?
Declan: I think Robbie williams is a great performer
Fan: How old are you??
Declan: I am 15
Fan: Have you got a pet?
Declan: yes I have an english Beagle called chrissy
Fan: when is your birthday???
Declan: my birthday is the 19th of december
Fan: have you icq
Fan: have you got a myspace??
Declan: no I dont have myspace or icq
Declan: hi to everyone (so spät nomma ? *stirnrunzel*
Fan: Have you got a sister or a brother??
Declan: yeah I have a sister called bernadette shes 11
Fan: what do your friends say about your succes?? =)
Declan: my friends think my success is great but have grown up with me and so think its normal
Fan: Are you by the tour from Florian Silbereisen?
Declan: Yes im on the florian silbereisen tour
Declan: yes I will be coming to Holland very soon
Declan: my album will also be released in Holland
Declan: ich kann kein deutsch (*ggg* der war gut^^)
Fan: like you florian silbereisen
Declan: yeah florian is a very nice guy
Fan: Is there any plans to record the Duett with Florian Silbereisen?
Declan: nein
Declan: the last answer is talking about the duet
Fan: you know tokio hotel ^^
Declan: yes I know tokio hotel
Fan: What are you frightened for?
Declan: im frightened of heights
Fan: 1000000000 kisses for declan
Declan: same from mexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x to all of you
Fan: do you will in the next BRAVO??
Declan: yes this week there is a poster in bravo
Fan: where do you spend your summer holidays????
Declan: where will you be going
Declan: i am not sure where i spend my summer holidays this year sorry
Declan: I may not have time.-)
Declan: Maybe I am not sure yet (about coming to dortmund)
Fan: do you work on the next album??
Declan: soon we will work on the next album which will consist of mainly new songs
Fan: Where I can get a autograph by you
Declan: you can write to my fanclub for autographs and other news
Fan: who is your favorite football player???
Declan: my favourite player at arsenal is fabregas (hatter nich ma in nem interview gesagt Lehmann?)
Fan: Why you don´t have autographcards?
Declan: I do have autograph cards
Fan: like you Karl pflaume
Declan: yes kai pflaume is really nice
Fan: Why haven?t you jumped into the snow in the ARD-show?
Declan: ohhh too dangerous on the ski slope:-) (jaja schon klar *gg*)
Fan: Do you know the song ?Dancing with tears in my Eyes? by ?Ultravox?, and how do you like it?
Declan: no i dont know that song
Fan: DECLAN do you will come to austria PLEASE and give a concert!! 
Declan: perhaps I will do a concert in Austria next year or atleast later this year
Fan: can you make a concerzt in berlin
Declan: I think we come to berlin with Florian tour
Fan: When you are older, do you want to stay in Hoo or to live in a bigger city?
Declan: No I think I will travel a lot and not live in Hoo
Fan: likes you the song an angels??
Declan: I like an angel and the other songs too
Admin/Mod: How old was Declan when his first album was released????
Fan: 13?
Fan: 11
Fan: 12
Declan: no 10 (SPIELVERDERBER *ggg* nein scherz^^ das hatter ers geschrieben als die richtige Antwort schon gefallen war^^ sie habens glaub ich gleichzeitig abgeschickt... nur dec ne sekunde später *gg*)
Fan: are you born in a hospital????? (was für ne Frage...)
Declan: yes I was born in a hospital
Fan: don't look so angry declan.... smile =)
Declan: Im not angry im just concentrating (kein wunder bei dem englisch das die da teilweise reden... das der das überhaupt versteht!
Fan: like you your sister or sister love =)??
Declan: yes my sister bernadette is probably my best friend
Fan: i hgate my bvrother i will have declan as my brother
Declan: are you sure you want me as your brother
Fan: how tall
Declan: 172 cm approximately
Declan: ok bye to everyone
Declan: bis bald an alle
Sonstige Antworten, auf die ich entweder keine Antwort fand oder... kp^^:
Declan: yes youre right
Declan: Thank you all very much
Declan: im really looking forward to it
Declan: too much
Declan: bow wow wow (OH JA! Das kam ma als die nächste große flutkatastrophe kam*ggg*)
Fan: please, smile in the camera=) (kam auch! voll süüüß *erinner*)
Declan: ich liebe euch alle (ssüüüüß)
Declan: xxxxxxxxxx ( kamen auch mal per foto)
Declan: no just postage costs (for the autograph) but you can get all these details from the fan club
Fan: please smile in the camera (kam auch wieder..)

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