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Monday, May 3, 2010

MDR-TV 2006 Declan's Report

Declan Galbraith Interview on MDR

Introdution: Declan is englands most populary young talent singer, apart from
the church in his town he appears in Westminster Abbey during the throne
anivarsary of the queen.

Declan says: It was great singing on the presence of Prince Charles and to
know he is only 1,5 m behind me. It was a realy special day. I was pretty nervous
and it was exciting.

One of the biggest talents of England lives with his parents in the county Kent
in a modest semidetached house

Declan says: Come in this is my home, This is my living room, here is sitting my
father his name is Alec and this is the kitchen, this is my mother Shibon, she
makes cake and tee for all And now I show you my room.

And this is in the 1th stick under the roof

Declan says: And this is my room, how you can see and this is a Arsenal poster
and the programm of the game from Arsenal against Hamburg, it was a great game
in the stadium and the best of it, what a pity for the german fans, Arsenal
won 3:1

Here is one of my stage outfits, here is an other shirt and this one, too and
the best on it, the clothes come from Berlin

In Berlin was taken the first photos CD and there gives no pics, where Declan
not wears sharf, he has a collection of them
Declan says: Sometimes I wear the sharf to my stage outfits, this one
hasn't to do with my stage outfits and this sharf I wear now, I wear when is
cold outsite][/color]

As 7 years old boy, the cold didn't disturb him, he only wanted to sing. Only
2 years later Declans was only 9 years old he had an appearance on the arena
of Manchester, an unbelievable moment, on this his parents and his sister
Bernadette realy gladly remember.

Mama Shibon kept his stage outfit from this appearance. The family assist the son
with all the power they had. The father is realy proud of him and he hops that it' s
going on in this way and that Declan reached what he wants.

Declan remainded a modest boy, which had say good bye to be a child long time .

Declan says: This place I realy like, here I have playd often as child. Here are
the wather and the boats it's peaceful here. We playd manhut here.

But one door hasn't open untill now, with girls he hasn't to do anything at the moment

Declan says: My mother doesn't allowed me (have girlfriend) My dream is becomming
a good singer and song writer. And the dog is in the water to the dog: Come out.

Some german words Declan speaks, but he wants surprise his fans with some lovable
senteces Declan says: : "I'm glad". (laughs)

It's a glad and we are glad that we can present Declan on TV.

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