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Friday, April 9, 2010

Declan Galbraith - I'm Cryin' For You video

Written by Peter Power, Ully Jonas, Ron Kenan, Alan Field
Declan was the first to perform this song!
First appeared: Album: You And Me #16 (2007-11-23)
Record label: Lama Ani

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I’ve tried to say just how I feel
I want your heart its o so real
You’ve told me before; it’s the beginning of the end
I try to understand why you wanna run away
When alone I’m feeling sad and in such pain
But forever I want you to stay

I’m cryin' for you
I’m dying for you
I’m begging you please, don’t ever leave

I’m cryin' for you
I’m dying for you
I beg you to stay don’t run away

Can’t wait another day
To hear the words that you will say
I need you


Tell me it’s not pretend
Maybe we can try once again
No more make believe (No more make believe)
Try to understand how I feel (how I feel)
So help me I’m saying please
Hey girl don’t keep on lying to yourself
It’s never open until the end

Chorus x3

I love you

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