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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Declan's Update On Facebook

Declan wrote:

Hi everyone,
Just thought I'd give you a little update.
We've been working hard on getting the t-shirts up for sale and I'm pleased that we have them available now. Both autographed and non autographed for those of you that haven't checked them out yet.

I'm also working hard on preparing and arranging things for the EP. At the moment I'm thinking it would be really nice to record it live with t...he other musicians, meaning that we don't record everything in complete isolation bringing it together bit by bit but instead record it all as a performance with everyone playing together at the same time. I'm also very interested in making it quite a stripped back and acoustic record. Guitar, cello, violin and some percussion maybe. I know when the time comes I'll probably be very tempted to start building it from there adding keyboards and piano and maybe bass but I'll try and restrain myself because I think it could be great so stripped back and pure.

I hope all is good for you all,
Best regards,

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