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Sunday, June 23, 2013

All Declan Galbraith's songs (videos)

 "Declan"   Declan's first album released on 22 September 2002 in the United Kingdom, at age 10.

1- Danny Boy (Frederic E. Weatherly)
Danny boy
2- Carrickfergus (Alan Connaught, Traditional)
3- Imagine (John Lennon)
4- I'll Be There (Hal Davis, Berry Gordy, Jr., Bob West)
5- It All Begins With Love (Mack, Mason)
6- Your Friend (Mack, Mason)
7- Love Can Build a Bridge (John, Naomi Judd, Paul Overstreet)
8- Mama Said (Mack, Mason)
9- Till The Day We Meet Again (Mack, Mason)
10- Amazing Grace (John Newton)
Amazing Grace
11- Circles In The Sand (Mack, Mason)
12- Angels (Guy Chambers, Robbie Williams)
13- Tell Me Why (Mack, Mason)
Tell Me Why
14- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

"Thank You"   Declan's second album, a compilation of classic songs  released on 1st December 2006 in Germany.

 1-  An Angel (Kelly Family) 
 An Angel
 An Angel
 An Angel
 An Angel
 An angel
  An Angel
 An Angel - Unplugged version
 2-  Love of My Life (Freddie Mercury "Queen") 
 Love Of My Life
 Love Of My Life
 Love Of My Life
 3-  Nights in White Satin (Moody Blues) 
 4-  Tears in Heaven (Eric Clapton) 
 5-  Bright Eyes (Art Garfunkel) 
 6-  House of the Rising Sun (The Animals) 
  7-  Saved by the Bel (Robin Gibb) 
  8- David's Song (Who'll come with me) (Kelly Family) 
 9-  All Out of Love (Air Supply)
 All Out Of love
 10- How Could an Angel Break My Heart? (Toni Braxton) 
 12- Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) (Don McLean)
 13- Only One Woman (The Marbles) 
 14- The Last Unicorn (America) 
 15- Sailing (Rod Stewart) 
 16- Where Did Our Love Go? (The Supremes) 
 17- World  (The Bee Gees)

"You and Me"  Declan's third album released on 23 november 2007

 1- You and Me - Jamie Goddard
 2- Leavin' Today - Jamie Goddard
 3- Ego You - Jonas Groth
 4- I Think I Love You - Tony Romeo
 5- I Do Love You - Sage, M. Consenza
 6- Nothing Else Matters - James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich
 7- Missing You -  Mark I. Leonard, Charles Alana Sandfort, John Charles Waite
 8- Everybody Tells Me - Peter Power, Ully Jonas, Ron Kenan, Alan Field
 9- Moody Blues -  Declan Galbraith
 10- Sister Golden Hair - Gerry Beckley
 11- Maybe - Thom Pace
 12- Everything's Gonna Be Alright -  Peter Power, Ully Jonas, Ron Kenan, Alan Field
 13- Ruby Tuesday - Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
 14- I'd Love You to Want Me - Roland Kent La Voie, Erich Sendel
 I'd Love You to Want Me
 15- The Living Years - Mike Rutherford, B. A. Robertson
 16- I'm Cryin' for You -  Peter Power, Ully Jonas, Ron Kenan, Alan Field
 17- Guardian Angel (Christmas Bonus Track) - Peter Power, Ully Jonas, Ron Kenan, Alan Field

Other songs

Auld Lang Syne  (The New Year Song 2003) Robert Burns  - Declan Tell Me Why (Featuring The Young Voices)

Walking In The Air Christmas Hits-50 Festive Favourites (special album)

Ben (Don Black, Walter Scharf) This song was first performed by Michael Jackson

The Fields Of Athenry (Pete St. John)  is an Irish folk ballad

One Day At A Time - Unpublished Song (concert)

Rainbow Man  (Kevin Malpas) Young Voices Concert in Manchester (2002-12-09)

For a Better Tomorrow Young Voices Concert - Manchester (2002-12-09)

You'll Never Walk Alone (Christine Johnson) Young Voices Concert - Manchester (2002-12-09)

More Than I Can Say Unreleasad (Jerry Allison, Sonny Curtis) - Ego You (single)

My Girl- Unreleased (Smokey Robinson, Ronald White) - "Love of My Life" (single) April 13 2007

World (Unreleased Bonus Track) Thank You album (USA special edition- February 17, 2008)

Leise Rieselt Der Schnee (Eduard Ebel) ( Traditional Christmas song in Germany) - TV Show Winterfest der Volksmusik (2007-12-01)

Let It Be - Concert in Gravesend (2007-11-02)

China Tour (Beijing and Shenzhen concert - 2008)

The Letter - Beijing concert 2008
The LetterBeijing concert 2008

Walking In Memphis - Beijing concert 2008

Love Hurts- Beijing concert 2008

Crying -Beijing concert 2008

Mood BluesBeijing concert 2008

I'd Love You To Want me  - Beijing concert 2008

Tell Me WhyBeijing concert  (May 24, 2008)

China Tour (Shenzhen concert - 2008)

Tell Me whyShenzhen concert 2008

VincentShenzhen concert 2008

The Letter and Ego YouShenzhen concert 2008

I Do Love You and Leavin' Today - Shenzhen concert 2008

 It All Begins With Love and Moody BluesShenzhen concert 2008

Missing YouShenzhen concert 2008

Vincent and More Than I Can Say - Shenzhen concert 2008

Nights In White SatinShenzhen concert 2008

The Living Years  Shenzhen concert 2008

Crying and Tell Me Why Shenzhen concert 2008

I'd Love You To Want Me  - Shenzhen concert 2008

Love Hurts and Walking In Memphis Shenzhen concert 2008

Declan Galbraith - Route 66 Theatre Show - 2010

Smooth  (Route 66 Theatre Show - 2010)

Uptown Girl  (Route 66 Theatre Show - 2010)

Mrs.Robinson(Route 66 Theatre Show - 2010)

I Can't Help Falling In Love With You (Route 66 Theatre Show - 2010)

Desperado (Route 66 Theatre Show - 2010)

Declan Galbraith in Beijing , China 2012 

We Are the World - Declan and DouDou in Beijing, China - July 27, 2012 - DouDou London  Olympic Concert

Tell Me Why -  Declan and DouDou in Beijing, China - 2012

Interview - Beijing - August, 2012

Declan Galbraith  live in London at the Hackney Empire Theater

Strange World  Declan and Doudou live at the Hackney Empire Theater

Tell Me WhyDeclan and Doudou live at the Hackney Empire Theater

We Are The WorldDeclan and Doudou live at the Hackney Empire Theater

We Are The WorldDeclan and Doudou live at the Hackney Empire Theater

New Songs from Youtube  

Strange World  (Live & Acoustic) (Soundcloud) 

Sedated  (performed at "Cafe Blume" in Berlin on Feb 15th, 2014)

Real Crime and The Show is about to Commence  (video by Marco Hoffmeier)

Hillingdon Hill (Declan Galbraith at "Cafe Tasso" in Berlin - March 11, 2014)

The Show is About To Commence  -at "Cafe Tasso" in Berlin - March 11, 2014

Declan Galbraith - Privat Club Berlin - Concert Teaser

Declan Galbraith at "Cafe Tasso" in Berlin - March 11, 2014

 Declan Galbraith - Privat Club Berlin - Concert Teaser

 The Professor at Privat Club in Berlin - June 28, 2014

 Lay Me Down - Declan Galbraith & Band Live at Privat Club in Berlin - June 28, 2014

Declan Galbraith - Too Young to Die, at "Glashaus" Bayreuth - October 11, 2014

All Declan Galbraith's songs (mp3 format)

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