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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Declan Galbraith and DouDou - "Tell Me Why" live in London at the" Hackney Empire Theater"

Declan Galbraith and DouDou singing "Tell Me Why" live in London at the Hackney Empire Theater - "Light Up The World - DouDou London Olympic Concert" - August 8, 2012.

Tell Me Why - London -August 8, 2012.

Chinese teenager sings in Olympic spirit.

Doudou, a 13 year old Chinese girl who made a name by singing the Beijing Olympic theme song "You and Me", performed a solo concert at the Hackney Empire theatre on August 8, 2012.

Her performance marks the opening of "Chinese Culture Week", a project China's Cultural Ministry has helped  to stage in London during the Olympics to promote Chinese culture.
Titled "Light Up the World", the concert's theme closely resembles London's Olympic slogan "Inspire a Generation".
Doudou's tender voice and youthful appearance also made her a good ambassador for such a message. "You and Me" was first performed at Beijing's Olympic opening ceremony by Chinese pop star Liu Huan and English actress and singer Sarah Brightman.

But Doudou's subsequent singing of the song with her child's voice also became a popular version of the tune. Her newfound fame made her a frequent guest singer at concerts, such as the Chinese New Year's Eve celebrations in 2011.

She was named "Best New Artist" at the CCTV Awards (the Chinese equivalent to the MTV Awards) in 2010. Despite her popularity in China, Doudou's London concert is her first solo performance outside of China.

At her London concert, Doudou also performed English songs like "Tell Me Why" and "We Are the World" alongside English singer Declan Galbraith, a special guest to her concert.

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