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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pictures XII - Declan's Guitars

Declan's guitar auction

This is the first electric guitar I have ever owned
and it has helped me greatly with regards to
developing and writing. I fell in love with this
guitar from the moment I saw it, with it's white
on deep cream detailing, its really a beauty. I didn't
actually play guitar when my parents bought it for me
3 years ago but I started not long after.
This guitar served its purpose very well for me and I
think it is a fantastic beginners guitar and it became
a good tool for me to have in the early stages.
I have unfortunately had to decide to sell this guitar
as I dont really have the room now my collection is
getting bigger. But I thought it could be a good idea
if  an amount of the proceeds were to go to charity. I am
also selling the first acoustic guitar I have owned and it will
be put on ebay within the next few days. I wish you
all good luck and happy bidding on both guitars. But most of
all I hope that whoever wins them will enjoy them as
much as I have. 

I dont really have anyway of knowing who 
exactly they will go to once they are won but I am
really aiming this sale towards dedicated
fans/supporters as I will at least feel somewhat sure
that these guitars 
will be looked after and treated in the same way I have treated them.
I have signed the guitar and added some other items 

3 Ply Pickguard, 5 way switch, 2 tone, 1 volume knob,
3 single coils.
The body is 1 9/16" thick and is very light weight.
21 fret Thin Neck
Gloss Maple Neck/Body Fingerboard

Fender Stratocaster style, model name, "JCX Stargazer"

Included With Guitar:

Brand new tweed style solid, hard case.
Guitar Strap as used at Gravesend, Woodville Halls
Certificate of authenticity signed by Declan.
8 autograph cards signed by Declan. (4 from "Thank
you" album cover photo and 4 from "You and Me" album
cover photo)

Good Luck and enjoy!!

Best wishes to you all,


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